Garden Centre

Pen’s garden centre includes a pool section, with the best priced chlorine and free, detailed water testing. There is also a large range of seedlings ready to plant, and shortly ready to harvest or bloom. The number of bees indicates the health of the outdoor display area, and every September you will marvel at the two huge flowering plum trees. There are quiet places to rest your tired legs and suck-in the perfume of living, breathing plants, and trolleys to wheel out your larger treasures. Treasures indeed, because everything we sell is healthy, and just waiting for a new home with an owner who appreciates nature – from the largest garden to the smallest bed-sit. Soils and mulches are displayed close to the extremely convenient car park, with excess stock in the tall pallet racking easily accessed with one of the four forklifts.


Seeds & Bulbs

Vegetable Seedlings

Indoor Plants


Fruit Trees & Plants

Flowering Plants


Lawn Care

Grass & Lawn Seeds

Synthetic Turf

Grass & Lawn Fertiliser

Garden Care

Potting Mix and Soil

Fertilisers & Manures

Green House


Pots, Planters & Basket

Pots, Planters & Basket

Garden Decors & Landscaping Supplies

Garden Screens

Shade Cloths

Garden Edgings, Stakes & Trellis

Pavers & Stones

Garden Hand & Power Tool

Shears & Pruning

Digging Tools

Axes, Mattocks & Wood Splitter

Mowers – Blades & Spark Plugs

 Whipper Snipper & Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers





Garden Tool Accessories

Watering & Irrigation Supplies

Hoses, Reels & Fitting

Watering Controls & Sprinkles

Watering Cans

Wetting Agents

Pest Control

Lawn Pest & Weed Control

 Pest Control

Plant Protections

 Bird & Animal Spikes