Hardware, Paint and Tools

The Hardware Department – no longer the stodgy wall of pigeon holes filled with goodness-knows-what. No longer selling the bit and braces and the jack planes. No sawdust on the floor, but a clean layout of well stocked shelves – paint, rollers and brushes, tinting, scrapers, sandpapers, drop sheets, masking tapes, thinners, fillers, turps and metho, stains and varnishes, spray cans, decorative adhesive papers, air conditioners, umbrellas, power tools and accessories (that’s a big category), tool boxes and belts, dress mirrors, curtain accessories, plastic storage boxes, flood lights and power cords, plastic buckets, kitchen tidies and liner bags, electrical cable cut to length, door bells, electrical switches and g.p.o’s, power boards, cable ties, tv and computer cables and accessories, smoke alarms, clothes airers, decorative plastic table covers, door hardware (handles and locks, closers), window hardware (winders, locks etc), draft excluders, cupboard (hinges, fittings, latches, rollers) trolley wheels, insect repellents, traps and insecticides, strip lights, night lights, mops and brooms, variety of tapes, motor accessories (wiper blades, shampoos, polishes, sponges and chamois, sun reflector screens, L & P plates, wire fittings, funnels, wheel spanners, revolving warning lamps, elastic straps, trailer fittings, ratchet tie-downs, gloves (garden, industrial, disposable and handyman), hand tools (files, saws, hammers, spanners, mitre boxes, knives and blades, levels, stud finders, tape measures, lines, squares and scribes), gate and fence fittings, padlocks, security cables, key cutting services (20 x 22 x2 blanks).chair tips and protectors, castor cups, wall hooks, coat and skirt hangers, clothes pegs, ironing boards and covers, bits & pieces trays, mouse traps, adhesives, joinery joiners, welding rod, solder and soldering irons, BBQ stuff, pots and pans, soda stream, cooler bags and packs, hot plates, electrical kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, hooks and similar, domestic cleaners, scrubbers, disinfectant, detergents, insect powder and sprays, drain cleaners, polishing cloths and liquids, scrubbing brushes, brooms and mops and buckets, dusters, pans and brushes, exhaust fans floor mats, vacuum bags, shower and kitchen wall caddies, toilet brushes, shower curtains, sink, basin and bath fittings, laundry baskets ad trolleys, batteries, torches, insulated containers and, of course, the huge range of light globes that we are famous for … AND … two tables just full of that useful brick and brack that everybody will find useful – eventually.