Building, Timber and Plumbing

The Building Department is our busiest but not our most profitable as builders compete for their materials at the very best value. Pine framing is the most popular, so we keep packs in varying lengths and cross-sections to ensure a quick turnaround when the grumpy builder backs his ute into a loading space ready for the forklift to drop off his load.

Timber shows its versatility in the different species – for example plantation grown merbau for decking, ironbark for durability and insect resistance, and mountain ash for beautiful hardwood strip flooring. Of course, we must not forget there is also an abundant range of fixings and fixtures, with bulk and smaller packaging to suit the do-it-yourself customer as well as the above-mentioned grumpy.

Plumbing is a best-seller, along with a range of plasterboard and cement sheet, and don’t forget the range of cartridges with their adhesives, silicon and other jointing compounds. You want advice – Pen’s has accurate practical advice with experienced staff who ensure you get the job done quickly, easily and at the right price.